Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 weeks to go!!!

We are now three weeks away from the first Cremator Ultra on Hilton head Island. So far this Spring we have seen 7 days with temperature over 100 degrees and have seen 18 days with Heat Indexes over 105 degrees!!! Look like we are on track for a possible record high on the 23rd of July... we can only hope!

We currently have 12 individuals registered and 2 relay Teams. We have 3 other Teams that plan on signing up, but we'll see if they step up to the challenge or not!

Racer packets will be going out this week with final race details and instructions along with course maps so you and your crew can get familiar with the route. The MANDATORY pre-race meeting will take place on Friday July 22, 2011 at 6:00pm... if you plan on running the race you must attend this meeting. The meeting will take place at Palmetto Running Company, located at 22 Plantation Park Dr, Suite 103 Bluffton, SC 29910. Both the racer and their Crew Chief must attend this meeting.... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The race shirts have come in along with the 2011 Finishers Medal and they ROCK!!! I only hope that I get to give a few away this year!

See you all in a few weeks!

Be sure to check out our main website at: http://www.crematorultra.com/ for more information.

Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Relay teams allowed in 2011

We are opening up the registration field to include 5 (five) Relays Teams in 2011. The Relay Teams can be made up of 2 or 3 runners and a Crew Cheif (the Crew Cheif can not be one of the runners on the team). There are no set legs for each Team member to complete, however you can only transition runners at a designated check point. The check points take place at the following mile markers:
10, 16, 20, 28, 35, 39, 43

Relay teams may switch runners at each check point but MUST remain in the same order sequence as you registered each runner. No subsistutions may be made through-out the race. If a Team mate has to skip a leg, they will be disqualified and you must complete the event with the remaining runners or recieve a DNF for the full Team. Teams that complete the full 50 mile event will recieve an official time, medal and an automatic bid into the 2012 event.

There will only be 5 (five) Relay teams allowed in 2012, once those are gone... they're gone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Cremator Ultra Official Race Rules

Official Race Rules 2011:
Date:  Saturday July 23, 2011
Start Time:  7:00am Eastern Standard Time
Mandatory Pre-race briefing & Packet pick-up:  Friday July 22, 2011 6:00pm at Palmetto Running Company – 22 Plantation Park Dr Suite 103, Bluffton, South Carolina 29910 843-815-1718
All individuals interested in participating in the 2011 must submit a video request as laid out in the official race blog: crematorultraofficial.blogspot.com
If selected, you will be given an invite to participate in the 2011 event. Applications must be returned no later than June 30th to secure your spot.
25 invitations will be awarded along with 5 special invites by the Race Director.
All runners must have support. Support may not be administered from a vehicle. Support can drive from location to location, but individuals must be on foot or bicycle when in physical contact with their runner. You must include the name of your crew chief and cell phone number with your race application. If any changes occur prior to the event you must provide new contact information to the Race Director in person prior to the event.
The event takes place on trails, sidewalks, bike paths bridges and on open roads. Runners must run against traffic at all times.
Runners must check in at all 7 check-points through-out the course, failure to check in will result in a DNF and runners will be pulled off the course.
All runners must DEPART from each check point prior to the cut off time or they will not be allowed to continue resulting in a DNF.
There will be three drop bag and check-in locations along the course which you will visit twice:
                Stop #1                 The Bike Doctor                 Mile 16 and Mile 35
                Stop #2                 Road Fish Bike Shop          Mile 20 and Mile 39
                Stop #3                 Go Tri Sports                      Mile 28 and Mile 43

Cut-off times:

The course must be completed within 14 hours to get an official finish time. All runners must leave the following check points prior to the cut-off time to be allowed to continue:

Mile 16:                11:30 am
Mile 20:                12:30 pm
Mile 28:                3:00 pm
Mile 35:                5:00 pm
Mile 39:                6:00 pm
Mile 43:                7:30 pm

Crew Chiefs must check in with the Race Director if your runner leaves the course resulting in a DNF.

Crew Chiefs are responsible for the overall well-being of their runners and must make the final decision as to if a runner can continue. Runners will all sign an agreement stating that they give their Crew Chiefs the final call and will agree with their decision to protect your overall health by not allowing for you to continue the race.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

107 Reasons why not to run the Cremator 2011 Ultra

This is NOT going to be fun, this is NOT going to be cute, you are more likely to get hit by lighting playing a round of golf on Hilton Head than you are to finish this race. You are better off sending me a check for $40 made payable to cash than sending it with a race application, because there is no way that you will actually make it to the end of the event to actually get your race tee-shirt or your finishing medal, hence you will walk away with nothing but a horrible sunburn, heat exhaustion and possible death. The main reason that you should NOT run this event is the record breaking July temperature of 107 degrees. At this temperature the glue on your shoes will melt, your feet will blister and once again, you WILL NOT FINISH this race. The race will start at 10:00am with an average temp of 90 degrees, by noon you will be in the wide open with overhead temps well over 100 degrees. The road alone will be reflecting 130+ degree temps under you. Do yourself a favor now, DO NOT FOLLOW this Blog page, DO NOT TELL your friends about this race and DO NOT ASK HOW YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT. You do not have what it takes to event toe the starting line let alone think that you can finish the full event.